Global Private M&A Guide


The content's last review date is indicated on each page. All content is for informational purposes only and may not reflect the most current legal and regulatory developments. All summaries of the laws, regulations and practice are subject to change.

Baker McKenzie's Global Private M&A Guide is a comprehensive resource examining the impact of new and existing laws affecting deal structuring and private M&A generally in nearly 40 jurisdictions.

The Guide provides a holistic overview of the key legal and regulatory M&A framework in each jurisdiction through all stages of the transaction process, including structuring the deal, getting to signing (e.g., preliminary documents and negotiating the agreement), and understanding the broader legal landscape.

Since our last update in 2021, there has been a great deal of change in the global legal and business landscape. Antitrust and other deal regulation rules continue to become more complex and are being more aggressively enforced than ever before. This current edition highlights these complexities, including updates on merger control and foreign investment restrictions. It also includes an overview of tax considerations, employment law obligations and anti-bribery concerns that may impact a transaction.


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Global Private M&A Guide - Extended version

You can also access an extended version of the Guide. This provides a more detailed overview of additional legal and regulatory considerations related to Private M&A, including employment law obligations, tax, anti-bribery concerns and merger control and foreign investment restrictions

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