Baker McKenzie’s Public Procurement World 

We are delighted to provide you with Baker McKenzie’s Public Procurement World, the ultimate tool for everyone doing business in the public sector. Covering over 30 jurisdictions, featuring an up-to-date news section and offering access to over 100 procurement experts from across the world just one click away, PPW allows you to navigate the complexity of global public procurement laws and practices.

PPW - a Tool for a Complex World

Can a bidder claim the costs of tendering in Brazil? Does the public healthcare provider in Italy have to apply public procurement law? What set of procurement rules applies for the Australian armed forces? Do national restrictions apply for procurements in Thailand? These are questions that everyone doing business in the public sector has encountered.

Across the world, public procurement law has become well established as an independent field of law governed by its own complex rules. And everywhere almost all industries and economic sectors are affected by public procurement regulation. Despite this common basis, there are still major differences between national jurisdictions and practices, which everyone doing business with public sector customers must take into account. In addition, as procurement affects many disciplines, those who are involved in public procurement – both private companies and public contracting authorities – often have different vantage points and just as often tend to apply widely differing approaches to solving issues.

Hence, it was and remains an area where those with a broad range of competencies stand a better chance of unraveling the complexities of tendering without incurring unpredictable legal risks.

Baker McKenzie’s Public Procurement World leverages our global expertise in public procurement law in order to help you face the challenges of doing business in the public sector around the world.

PPW- Your One-stop-shop for Up-to-date Knowledge on Procurement Law

Baker McKenzie’s Public Procurement World is your one-stop-shop to up-to-date knowledge on procurement law across the world.

It gives you an overview of public procurement regulation in more than 30 jurisdictions, including supra-national organizations such as the World Bank in our law section. This section also allows you to compare topics and jurisdictions relevant to your business needs.

All input is contributed by experienced public procurement lawyers from Baker McKenzie’s Global Public Procurement Law Group, which consists of more than 100 dedicated public procurement experts working in a large number of jurisdictions.

This global expertise allows us to have an eye on latest trends and an ear on the ground to keep pace with the times and we are happy to share this knowledge with you in our news section.

PPW - Reach Out to the Team

With Baker McKenzie’s Public Procurement World our more than 100 specialized and dedicated public procurement lawyers are just one click away. To learn more about how we may be able to assist you and your organization, please reach out to any member of our Global Public Procurement Team listed in our team section.