Our pro bono work is a core pillar of Baker McKenzie’s Sustainability strategy. We are proud to partner with our clients on pro bono projects around the world that aim to protect the human rights of the most vulnerable in our societies.

One such group, are the victims of domestic violence. For many women and girls, the threat looms largest where they should feel safest - in their own homes.  As femicide and related statistics show, their plight has worsened during the pandemic lockdowns and restrictions. On behalf of two NGOs, Global Rights for Women and Every Woman Treaty, and together with over 500 volunteers from Baker McKenzie, Google, Merck Sharp & Dohme, 3M, Cummins, HP and Accenture, we have been working on an ambitious project designed to improve the lives of victims of domestic violence. 

The Fighting Domestic Violence project’s goal is to produce the most comprehensive and up-to-date analysis of domestic violence laws around the world and we have made that content readily available here to any individuals and organizations who can put it to good use.  Our volunteers mapped local laws on domestic violence, and assessed law enforcement practices and related social protection and security measures with the aim of identifying any gaps between the status quo and the standards set in international and regional frameworks

This powerful comparative tool will allow for a rapid analysis of national legislation measured against model domestic violence conventions and between countries. This is designed to help local, national and international NGOs, and public and governmental authorities assess relative effectiveness and to identify where there is room for improvement.